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Like most Australians, you probably celebrate the Easter holiday with three wonderful Fs … family, friends and food. And yes we all know Easter food often means chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and then just a few more chocolate eggs. For good measure.

Indeed it’s easy to enjoy an excess of these seasonal sugary treats, especially as they’ve been tempting you from supermarket shelves since just after Christmas! By the time Easter rolls round, you’re ready for a treat and after all, it;s only once a year, right?

Well, if you’ve eaten one, two… or maybe three…. too many Easter Eggs this holiday season, you most certainly won’t be on your own. Australia leads the world in Easter egg consumption according to the Confectionary Manufacturers of Australasia. Each year the industry anticipates at least 200million dollars worth of chocolate Easter eggs or other seasonal confectionary will find its way into our homes and bellies! At an average consumption of 20 eggs per every Australian that’s plenty to keep the Easter Bunny busy!

In the short term, overindulgence in Easter treats could leave you with a sorry stomach and feeling lethargic. But that actually may not be all… you might also discover a few sneaky kilograms have crept on while you weren’t watching. And that’s not a happy feeling is it? There is good news though… as what goes on, can come off!

Post Easter guilt has led many a person to embark on a diet or weight management plan, but often the first question is “where to start?” Ideally, any weight loss program should begin with a visit to your GP.’s online booking system – via mobile app or website – will allow you to secure a suitable appointment, conveniently. Your weight management action plan can then get kick started, pronto.

Maybe you’d even been considering a weight loss program for a while and Easter’s overindulgence has confirmed your motivation. Seeking help from your GP means you’ll be able to get started on a regime that’s sensible, effective and tailored for you.

Initial discussions with your GP about weight management may cover topics such as

Your BMI and ideal or goal weight
Pre-existing health conditions or prescribed medications that may be impacting on weight gain or retention
Your risk factor for developing weight-related conditions such as diabetes or heart disease
Weight management methods and programs including diet and nutritional advice, weight loss medication or even surgery

Your GP may refer you to another medical specialist such as a surgeon or even an allied health practitioner such as dietician or naturopath. Thankfully offers a convenient, central place for booking these appointments too. You can use the website or mobile app 24/7, when it suits you, to search and book all your healthcare appointments. It’s hassle-free.

Head to to conveniently book an appointment with your GP. There really is no time like the present to take the first step towards a healthier you and put Easter’s overindulgence behind you.

“Shari Brewer is a freelance copywriter and blogger based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. She’s never short on words and is usually found with pen in hand jotting away… or glued to her iPad. A dedicated Mac girl who’d love to connect on Twitter @shari_brewer or her site via”

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