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Isn’t everybody? Patient no-shows cause wide-reaching and negative impacts across all your practice areas.In Australia, the average no-show rate can be anywhere between 20 to 40%.The answer to reducing patient no-shows is as easy as providing patients with the opportunity to book and manage their health appointments themselves, online.We know that 61% of Australians find the current process of making a health appointment by telephone frustrating and inconvenient. Those practices who have made the change and included as a booking platform are telling us nearly 60% of their online bookings are made out of practice hours. In some cases, practices have reduced their no-show rates up to 83% in the first three months of using

The reason online booking capability works to reduce patient no-shows is simple: patients get the choice to select a time that suits them, and this choice results in personal obligation and ownership of that appointment.

A study conducted by the US based Annals of Family Medicine found there were three interconnected themes relating to barriers to appointment attendance: emotional, distrust and misunderstanding, and a perceived disrespect of the patient’s beliefs and time by the health care system.

From the time of booking an appointment, the patient is made to wait. They wait until a line becomes available to make an appointment on the phone. Once they’ve reached practice personnel, they are often placed on hold for long periods while the staff answer and put on hold other calls. Once they get through to speak with someone, they have little say in an appointment time that suits them, and are forced to take one that suits the practice. When they arrive they wait anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes, or longer, to see the doctor. It is little wonder patients feel the health care system is disrespectful of their time.

We do everything else online, yet we still expect patients to call our practice, between set hours, to make an appointment.

Australia’s premier online healthcare booking platform,, offers patients the choice to book all their healthcare appointments online, when it suits them. One login, one password, and the ability to book through your practice website, the website, or on their phone or tablet.

To find out how easy it is to reduce your no-show rate, contact on 1300 266 517 and see for yourself why so many practices are introducing online bookings as a way to:

  • - Improve patient waiting times; and
  • - Boost practice productivity.

Simple, cost effective, customisable, and with a ‘Try for 3 months or your money back’ guarantee…there simply isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t call.

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