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Does the sound of your frenzied phones drown out the peaceful music you play in your waiting room?But there’s not much you can do about it. The incoming calls from patients need to be answered and appointments need to be taken – right?Wrong! There is a simple solution that you’re overlooking – online bookings!You may have previously thought about online bookings but might have discarded the idea as being not for you or too difficult to implement. But the benefits are real. If you use as your online booking system, you will see:

    • - A reduced load on your front-desk staff;
    • - An increase in patient satisfaction;
    • - A more controlled patient co-ordination; and
    • - Growth in your new patient bookings. can be integrated seamlessly with your current practice management software, allowing patients to manage and plan their health appointments online, in their own time. This one, small change, will return between 3 – 5 hours of off-the-phone-time back to your front-desk.

Online bookings help improve patient coordination and reduce wait times, allowing you to better support doctors and engage with patients.

Relying solely on phone bookings is not only an old-fashioned approach, it’s impractical for both your patients and you. Think about a typical patient engagement with you: Patients try phoning only to get the engaged signal. When they get through, they are put on hold for long periods of time. When they finally get to speak with a staff member, they find out they can’t get an appointment when it suits them and accept what’s offered. When they arrive, they are forced to wait for their consultation.

You don’t just get annoyed patients, you get stressed out front-desk staff and irritable doctors. Nobody feels like they are engaging with the patient properly. Nobody is having fun at work. This situation is no-one’s fault – it’s purely a symptom of running a busy practice. But what if there was a better way?

To find out how easy it is to introduce online bookings , contact on 1300 266 517 and see for yourself why so many practices are introducing online bookings as a way to:

    • - Improve patient waiting times; and
    • - Boost practice productivity.

Simple, cost effective, customisable, and with a ‘Try for 3 months or your money back’ guarantee…there simply isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t call.

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