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Patients wait to see their doctor for long periods of time in Australia. In fact, the entire medical industry keeps patients waiting for long periods of time.

Being kept waiting is frustrating. When a patient is waiting to see a doctor they can be feeling anything from anxiety, pain, discomfort, worry, or sadness.

An international study by Press Ganey (2009) suggests the average wait time is 24 minutes. But on really busy days it is even longer, and that’s just waiting times in the waiting room.

In reality, every time a patient contacts their doctor, they have to wait. They wait for the front-desk staff to answer the phone when the practice opens. They have to wait on hold until the front-desk staff manage the frenzy of calls upon opening, and individually place each call on hold. They have to wait for an appointment time to become available, and accept it whether it suits them or not. They wait in the waiting room. They wait for the front-desk staff to take phone calls and attend to patients at the front desk, before they can pay their bill. And they have to follow the whole waiting process again if they call for medical results or to make a follow up appointment.

It is little wonder most patients feel annoyed and exasperated when they have to make a doctor’s appointment. Any other professional service causing their clients to wait such long periods of time would lose clients, fast. It’s disrespectful and Australians have had enough.

We know that 61% of Australians find the current process of making an appointment by telephone frustrating and inconvenient. Up to 30% of patients delay access to health care services as a result, and 85% of patients like the idea of booking their healthcare appointment online.

The solution is simple, cost effective, and easily adaptable to your practice management software. It goes beyond just securing an appointment with their doctor of choice at a time that suits them. Ground-breaking functionality will soon enable you to communicate with those patients about late and adjusted schedules to avoid protracted waiting times.

To find out how easy it is to introduce online bookings, contact on 1300 266 517 and see for yourself why so many practices are introducing online bookings as a way to:

  • - Improve patient waiting times; and
  • - Boost practice productivity.

Simple, cost effective, customisable, and with a ‘Try for 3 months or your money back’ guarantee…there simply isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t call.

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