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You probably don’t want to think about the fact that patients have at least two providers for every healthcare service; two dentist, two physios; two chiros, and so on.But most patients would prefer to stay loyal to the one practitioner if they were happy with the care and the service. It’s just easier.Yet securing patient loyalty can be difficult. There are two things a patient wants to have confidence in:

  • - Quality of care; and
  • - Co-ordination of care.

There are so many contributing factors to ‘quality of care’; enough for several articles. But co-ordination of care comes down to three things that greatly affect a patients experience:

  • - Availability of appointments with their practitioner of choice;
  • - Ease of securing their preferred day and time; and
  • - Engagement with staff and practitioners that makes them feel genuinely respected and cared for.

We know 85% of people think booking health appointments online is a great idea. We also know 61% of us find the current process of finding and booking an appointment by telephone frustrating and inconvenient.

Australia’s premier online healthcare booking platform,, offers patients the choice to book all their healthcare appointments online, when it suits them. One login, one password, and the ability to book through your practice website, the website, or on their phone or tablet.

Introducing online bookings to your practice solves two problems with one single action: quality of patient care, and coordination of patient care.

To find out how easy it is to introduce online bookings, visit and see for yourself why so many practices are introducing online bookings as a way to:

  • Improve patient loyalty; and
  • Grow your bookings.

Simple, cost effective, customisable, and with a ‘Try for 3 months or your money back’ guarantee…there simply isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t call.

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