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As a practice manager, you are responsible for a lot of things; two of which are securing patient loyalty and finding new ways to grow your practice’s new patient bookings.

Both are as important as each other. So which do you focus on if you’ve got limited time? What if there was a way to do both?

Our clients have told us that since they introduced online booking capability, they’ve seen significant:

  • - Increases in new patient bookings; and
  • - Improvements in the patient experience.

One practice in Queensland has reported online bookings of up to 200 per week, with 19% of these bookings being new patient bookings. From what their patients are telling them, they believe the patient experience has improved ten-fold since the introduction of online bookings.

So why does online bookings help increase your reach to new patients? Simply giving patients the option to book and manage health care appointments at a time that suits them carries a greater weight from the patient’s perspective than you can imagine.

We know that 61% of Australians find the current process of making an appointment by telephone frustrating and inconvenient.

We can’t ignore the fact that 9 out of 10 Australians turn to the internet for health information and services. In fact, 85% of people think booking an appointment online is a great idea.

When potential patients research their health concerns online they want to find a solution, not just a phone number. Securing an appointment there and then gives them peace of mind, knowing they have a confirmed day and time. Patients will actively choose practitioners who offer this solution over those who don’t.

Australia’s premier online healthcare booking platform,, offers patients the choice to book all their healthcare appointments online, when it suits them. One login, one password, and the ability to book through your practice website, the website, or on their phone or tablet.

To find out how easy it is introduce online bookings, visit and see for yourself why so many practices are introducing online bookings as a way to:

  • - Grow new patient bookings; and
  • - Improve the patient experience.

Simple, cost effective, customisable, and with a ‘Try for 3 months or your money back’ guarantee…there simply isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t call.

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