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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Jeans for Genes Day. There’s a great chance you’ve purchased some of their merchandise from your favourite department store or supermarket. However you might not be aware of what it is that Jeans for Genes Day is all about.

On the first Friday in August, dedicated volunteers get together to raise money by selling Jeans 4 Genes items, such as pins and pens. The money goes towards researching the many diseases that affect one in 20 children – diseases and conditions such as birth defects, cancer, epilepsy and genetic disorders. Every dollar raised goes to the Children’s Medical Research Institute. The hard working scientists at the Institute research tirelessly, finding cures and treatments for these genetic diseases, so that their little victims can have a healthy life. Conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes, cancer and epilepsy are under the microscope, with a view to finding more effective treatments.

If you’d like to get involved, then contact the Genes for Jeans people and find out what events are coming up and where, or how you can become a partner. For the more outgoing, there are opportunities to volunteer to sell merchandise or nominate your school to help out. If you’d prefer to be a silent participant, then shop online and pick yourself up a great hoodie, t-shirt or other clothing item. Of course you can assist all year round, and the people at Genes 4 Jeans will even give you a kick-start for your fundraiser.

Genetic diseases can be a frightening diagnosis, and parents need support and an exceptional medical team on hand. It’s important, if you have concerns about yourself or your children, to be seen as a priority – and to keep up with appointments as they arise. Here at 1st Available we can help you book your appointment, at a time and location that’s convenient to you. It’s free to use, available any time of the day or night, and easy to use. Register with us today and book online (or using our app on your smart device).

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