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Yes, it’s that time of year again: men all over Australia are eager to grow a mo in the name of charity. Even those who usually must keep facial hair to a minimum are encouraged to cultivate a caterpillar, tackle a tash, breed a bromerang, nurture a nose friend, develop a cookie duster and swell their soup strainer. Grab a sponsor or several, and grow your mo to raise money that will go to over 800 charities both here in Australia and overseas. These charities aim to improve men’s health – mental health, as physical health, namely prostate cancer and testicular cancer – and keep them well.

Grow a mustache for Movember

If you’re a woman who can’t manage your own mo, there are plenty of opportunities to support your man in his endeavours to create his crustache. You can organise a team of mo-bros, and help raise funds. Make it official with a permission slip for your male, giving him the go-ahead to grow a grass grin. Encourage with a nod and a wink, knowing your man is getting manlier by the day, and help him keep his tash trimmed and looking its hairy, glorious best. Arrange a Mo Party, with funds going to the Movember cause and an award going to the best bro-stash after a mo-off.

The rules are simple – come November 1st you must have a clean shaven face, grow your own genuine mo for the month (no beards or goatees), talk about your mo and its meaning to everyone that steals a look at your lip luggage, and be the gentleman your upper lipholstery demands you be. Once you register, you get your own little piece of Mo Space where you can proudly show off your mo-growing capabilities as well as funds raised.

Movember began with 30 mo-bros in 2003 and currently boasts around 4 million brothers from other mothers – but with moustaches. That’s 40 million international bro-mos, all uniting to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Why not join the tash team today?

If you have a health issue – from depression to a strange lump, feeling not-quite-yourself to just needing to have a fear allayed – then don’t wait for a great cause like Movember to get you going. At 1stAvailable you can jump online and book an appointment to have your health concerns looked at, without leaving the comfort of your own home. It’s a free service, and you can generate a report that tells you when an appointment is available if you don’t have any luck at first. Of course, by attending your appointment with a marvellously magnificent mo, you’ll not only look awesome, but generate conversation about a worthy cause.

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