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All but a fortunate few would agree that life is not easy, in fact our modern lives are becoming more and more hectic, with the increase in the cost of living and thus longer work hours we often struggle to find the time to do the things we want or need to do.  It is hardly a revelation then that most of our day-to-day tasks have gone online.  With the aid of a computer or smartphone with internet access we now can buy a car, find real estate, book accommodation on the other side of the world, do our banking and even do our grocery shopping without leaving our desk or picking up a phone.

What is surprising is that some things have not changed and we are so busy we rarely stop to ask ‘Why?’.  In 2007 I was booking a hotel room for a family holiday online, it dawned on me, why is it easier to book a hotel room 1000kms away than it is for me to get in to see my local GP or Physiotherapist? Do my patients ask the same question when they try to book an appointment with me?

The solution in front of me at the time, designed for the accommodation industry did not satisfy the sensitivities of healthcare, they were not specific and too transparent.  What was needed was a system that made things easier, a one stop shop where I as a consumer can find all my healthcare needs in the one place at any time and where I as a practitioner was able to publish my available appointments instantaneously.  It also needed to provide the results quickly without forcing the consumer to have to sift through pages of results to find a fit.

Imagine if Google did not adopt search engine optimization and anytime you typed something you were presented with all the websites that ever mentioned your topic without any order or specificity.

1stAvailable only presents those appointments that match your needs, period.  We are trying to make life easier, not more complicated.

-Dr Rick Luu, CEO & Founder


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