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When I was practicing one of the things I found really frustrating was the lack of specific tools and services designed uniquely for healthcare.  I graduated from University as a Dentist but found myself as a small business owner who just happened to be a dentist.  All the business tools and services at my disposal were designed for the retail industry.

The most obvious source of frustration was the marketing tools at my disposal.  Phone books, listing services, newspaper ads, letter drop pamphlets, direct mail outs… the list goes on.  The truth of the matter is that most people do not go to a healthcare practitioner by choice!  They don’t pick up a pamphlet or read a newspaper ad and think “Hey! I really would love to get a filling”.  In addition to this is that most of these tools took time to produce, design, print, production and distribution.  How do you just say “I’m available now!”?

1stAvailable was really built to satisfy this need, to say it was born out of frustration is quite harsh but in reality it was, my patients were frustrated with not being able to see me when they need to and I was frustrated because I could not tell them when I was available without a long winded marketing campaign.  My professional time was limited and once lost never regained.

1stAvailable platform is forever going to be changing, we get feedback from our members about what can improve and try hard to make sure that we incorporate these, in reality there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” and we will always be in development and always listening to our members for improvements.

Dr Rick Luu, CEO & Founder

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