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    Adelaide Plastic Surgery

    Level 4,18 North Terrace,, Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

    As one of Australasia’s largest practices, we’ve dealt with almost every problem imaginable (and some unimaginable) using plastic, cosmetic, laser and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, and anti-ageing treatments to improve the form and function of the human body. Every single person who comes to us we treat holistically with dignity, confidentiality and respect. Offering hope, confidence, capability and—sometimes—a whole new lease on life. So, take your time and ask all the questions you want. We’re located right in Adelaide’s CBD within a fully accredited day-surgery, just 10 minutes’ drive from Adelaide Airport for the convenience of our interstate and overseas patients. Plastic surgeons don’t use plastic. Some people think plastic surgery involves some kind of plastic. But the word comes from the ancient Greek word ‘plastos’, which means ‘to mould or shape’. (Having those qualities is what gave common plastics their name.) So, as plastic surgeons, we mould and shape human anatomy, like sculptors. We’re plastic surgeons, not cosmetic surgeons. Yes: there is a difference. Logically, you’d think you’d go to a cosmetic surgeon for cosmetic surgery. And you could. The problem is that, believe it or not—even in Australia—any doctor can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon without having undergone any formal training or accreditation. To become a plastic surgeon, however, you must undertake eight to ten years of specialist surgical training and examinations in addition to qualifying as a doctor. That means a plastic surgeon is the only person you should feel confident seeing for everything from improving aesthetics to repairing injured hands and facial structures, reconstructing body parts through microsurgery and making life better for burns and cancer sufferers. At Adelaide Plastic Surgery, every one of our plastic surgeons is exactly that: fully trained, accredited and experienced. Even if you don’t choose to come to us, if we can at least convince you to see a qualified plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic surgeon, we will be satisfied.


    Bupa Optical

    Ground Floor 19 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

    Globe Medical - General Practice & Student Health

    21 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

    At Globe Medical we provide a comprehensive service in General Practice. Our award winning medical centre has over fifteen highly experienced male and female GP Doctors who possess a diverse range of medical capabilities. Our team of doctors and nurses are multilingual, and able to converse in Mandarin, Malay, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, French and Russian. We provide primary healthcare for women, men, children and infants. Our aim is to enhance your health, by helping you to overcome illness, manage ongoing conditions and prevent illness and lifestyle disease. Owing to our Adelaide location and diverse demographic and cultural patient base, our waiting room is quite a vibrant and pleasant place to be, even if you usually find visiting the doctor a chore!


    Kensington Park Medical Practice

    84 Shipsters Rd, KENSINGTON SA 5068 Australia

    Kensington Park Medical Practice was opened by Dr Brian Symon and Dr.Brian Storer in 1998. Dr.Storer has since retired, and Dr.Symon is now the only GP practising. With him is a team of Allied Health Professionals, including two clinical psychologists, an RN who specialises in child sleep behaviour and skin cancer checks, a team of bariatric surgeons and a physician who specialises in Medical Hypnotherapy, renal function and paediatrics. Front office staff include Deb and Maria, who have been with Kensington Park Medical Practice for 6 years and 11 years respectively. Fay works casual hours at the clinic but was once the main receptionist before semi-retiring. Dr.Symon focuses mainly on infant sleep and feeding issues, though he sees regular GP patients too.


    Oakden Medical Centre

    132-134 Fosters Road, Hillcrest SA 5086 Australia

    Dr Przybylko established Oakden Medical Centre in the mid 1990s, after he purchased a local practice from a retiring GP. Originally the building was an office for the legume and grain packaging company "Anchor". Behind the office building (where the current retirement village is) was the factory, with sheds, silos and conveyor belts, not to mention the forklifts running up and down Fosters Road! Oakden has grown from a dilapidated single storey building to the state of the art medical centre it is today. Our final renovations were completed in 2013, with the majority of work being carried out by local trades who were patients of ours.


    Tusmore Avenue Surgery

    103 Tusmore Avenue, Tusmore SA 5065 Australia

    Tusmore Avenue Surgery is a fully accredited, modern family practice providing comprehensive general practice services. Our doctors have extensive experience in all aspects of General Practice and are committed to Preventative Health Care and continuing Medical Education. Health can be a very personal issue. We treat people as individuals and treat your medical concerns with respect and discretion. We are committed to providing professional and reliable health services that you can rely on, so that you can get on with your life. Our doctors also have additional training in various areas to assist our patients with specific health care needs, such as Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Sexual Health, Skin Checks, Immunisations, Diabetes Management, Asthma Management, Children’s Health and Preventative Health. All our doctors participate in regular continuing education to keep up to date with the latest medical information and treatments. The latest medical equipment and highly trained nursing staff are available to assist in your care. A General Practitioner needs to effectively communicate with his or her patients to provide the medical service that people need. We take your health seriously, and though there are often very complex issues, we take the time and effort to explain as best we can, because being better informed allows you to make more appropriate decisions for your health and your life. Remember, maintaining healthy habits ourselves, encourages those around us to do the same.


    Windsor Village Medical Centre

    1 Longview Road, Windsor Gardens SA 5087 Australia

    The history of our medical centres dates back to the 1980s when Dr Joseph Przybylko started consulting from the local shopping centre, then called Beefacres. Beefacres dates back to the 1950s and originally there was a deli, butcher, fruit and veg, hairdresser, chemist and a doctor. It was the local community centre that serviced the growing population of farmers and migrants. A lot has happened to the Windsor Village Medical Centre since then, but we are still in the same location and servicing our local community, with the aim to build a happy and healthy community.

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