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Hove Dental

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402 Brighton Road, Hove SA 5048 Australia

At Hove Dental our staff strive to provide you and your family with the utmost professional and friendly experience when you visit our practice. Our newly refurbished practice is servicing Hove, Brighton, Warradale, Glenelg & surrounding localities. Its up to date, modern equipment is aimed to make your visit with us a pleasant and productive experience. Our Principal Dentist is Dr. Diana Humphery who has been serving the local community for over 20 years, formally through Warradale Dental and now from our new premises at Hove. ...

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Practice hours

Monday:08:30am - 06:30pm

Tuesday:08:30am - 05:00pm

Wednesday:08:30am - 05:00pm

Thursday:08:30am - 05:00pm

Friday:08:30am - 05:00pm


402 Brighton Road
Hove SA Australia

08 8296 7612


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