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Kiddies Eye Care

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1/167 Hyde Street, Yarraville VIC 3013 Australia

Welcome to Kiddies Eye Care, the family eye care Optometrists in Melbourne. From infants to school kids, all the way to teenagers and university students, we are dedicated to ensuring the best ocular health for your children and family. Our Children's Behavioral Optometrist not only takes into account the quality of your child’s vision, but also how they process visual information. This approach helps us to detect common eye problems that can result in developmental delays and learning difficulties. We offer Visual Processing Analysis with detailed reports for teachers and parents. Our child friendly processes and testing equipment are especially designed to make your child’s visit pleasant and entertaining. We also use child friendly tools and developmental assessments to analyse your child’s vision in comfortable and stress free environment. ...

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Practice hours

Monday:09:00am - 05:30pm

Tuesday:09:00am - 05:30pm

Wednesday:09:00am - 07:00pm

Thursday:09:00am - 05:30pm

Friday:09:00am - 05:30pm

Saturday:09:00am - 03:00pm


1/167 Hyde Street
Yarraville VIC Australia

03 9448 8933



Our Services

-Behavioral Optometry
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