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21 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

Travelling overseas soon? For leisure or work and no matter where you're heading, trust our experts to give you specialised advise for your next journey. Our team of travel doctors brings you decades of collective experience, and is Australian and internationally recognised. Our award winning service is recommended by GPs and travel agents across Adelaide and regional SA. Our travel doctors are extensively travelled professionals who know their destinations and closely monitor disease outbreaks throughout the world. Our purpose is to prepare and educate you for a safe and healthy journey abroad. It is well documented that between 30% and 50% of travellers will get sick during a two week stay overseas, with many health issues being destination specific. While many of these concerns are just a nuisance with the potential to spoil your trip, some can be very serious. Some health problems can be avoided through immunisation prior to travel, whereas others can be prevented by adopting avoidance measures gained through education. Travellers may be at greater risk due to pre-existing medical conditions. Good preparation is therefore the key to healthy travel. ...

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  • Dr Bob Kass

    Travel Medicine Doctor
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  • Dr Stuart Parnham

    Travel Medicine Doctor
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  • Dr Christopher Rook

    Travel Medicine Doctor
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  • Dr Brigid Agnew

    Travel Medicine Doctor

    Sorry! Dr Brigid Agnew is currently not available.

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21 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA Australia




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