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Let's work together to make eye health a priority and preventable blindness a thing of the past.

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Take a deeper look at our latest awareness campaign

Look Deeper is EyeHealth1st's latest awareness campaign - and it's like nothing you, or Australia, has ever seen. With its striking aesthetics and powerful messaging, Look Deeper encourages people to take a deeper look at their eye health and urges them to book an eye test online with a local independent optometrist.

Look deeper

Targeting to reach 5 million Australians per month

Multichannel marketing strategy with a national presence

Over 65% of independent optometrists already listed

Raising awareness, prompting action

EyeHealth1st is an exciting and unique initiative by MyHealth1st, one that's unprecedented in its scale and objectives.

Focussed on early intervention and preventative care, not only is it encouraging more people to book regular eye tests, but it's also positioning independent practitioners like you as the trusted eye health experts in the community. Most importantly though, EyeHealth1st is helping to improve the long-term outlook of eye heath in Australia.

Ninety percent of blindness is preventable, but early detection and treatment are key. Through multichannel marketing campaigns and national coverage, we are reaching millions with this message and driving them to take action before it's too late.

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Why be a part of EyeHealth1st?

EyeHealth1st is the national initiative that will put your independent practice in front of millions, drive more patients to you, and help to even the playing field between you and the two giants in the market.

Join EyeHealth1st to:

  • Get a presence on Australia’s biggest optometry directory and booking platform. Click here to see how it works.
  • Place your name in front of millions of patients across Australia, all of them actively looking to book an eye test.
  • Benefit from multichannel marketing campaigns designed to encourage patients to book an eye test with their independent local optometrist. Click here to see our latest consumer-facing awareness campaign, Look Deeper
  • Get your first five bookings free for new patients. After that, a one-off fee of $15 for each new patient booking applies. Contact us for more information.

Every practice listed on the EyeHealth1st booking platform is set to experience an uplift in new patient bookings and have the opportunity to align their practice with a groundbreaking national eye health initiative.

Key Partners

With the support of our key partners we have the ability to reach millions of people each month and transform eye health in Australia forever.

About MyHealth1st

Launched in 2012, MyHealth1st provides revolutionary digital solutions for the health sector. Our digital solutions help practices increase bookings, improve retention, and enhance efficiency and profitability.

We are the number one choice for eye health experts in Australia, with close to 70 per cent of all independent optometrists in the country listed on our online health provider directory, as well as thousands of health practitioners from other modalities.

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