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Bedford Chiropractic Clinic

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At Bedford Chiropractic Clinic we specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all nerve, muscle and joint pain, including neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatica and headaches. Our chiropractic philosophy is to define the cause of the injury or pain and involve the patient in the education of their condition, treatment and treatment plan to ensure maximum results and reduce reoccurrence. Our spine should be maintained from birth and throughout life, like dental care. The spine is the control tower of the body and therefore it's absolutely crucial that it functions 100% for optimal health. It is often minor aches and pains that lead to chronic pain and at times making it difficult to treat. Chiropractic care emphasises the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery, allowing the body to heal naturally. The quality of healing depends on the effectiveness of locating and addressing the cause. Our Chiropractors offer same day appointment to ensure that we resolve the issue straight away. ...

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Our team

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    Dr Bill Yavuz


Practice hours

Monday:08:00am - 06:30pm

Tuesday:02:00pm - 06:30pm

Wednesday:08:00am - 06:30pm

Thursday:02:00pm - 06:30pm

Friday:08:00am - 06:30pm

Saturday:08:00am - 10:30am


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72 Walter Road Bedford WA Australia

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Our Services

- Chiropractor Neck Pain, Back Pain Headaches/Migraines Whiplash Injuries Infant Colic & Reflux Pregnancy care Sciatica Scoliosis Disc Injuries Work related stress Bad posture Knee & Hip problems Wellness Care PMS Elbow & Wrist problems (eg. arthritic problems, tennis elbow)
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