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Dr Liang Joo Leow

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It isn’t every day you come across a man not only highly regarded for his excellence in complex medical and surgical dermatology, but a man whose name is amongst only a handful of Australian medical practitioner’s specialising in Mohs surgery; including reconstruction, lasers, and cosmetic procedures. A man with a keen interest in treating a vast spectrum of the dermatology field including rosacea, genital dermatology, diseases of the nail, hair loss and paediatric dermatology. A man whose early interest in needlework and sewing has led to the treatment of countless people, as well as ongoing progressions in modern health, science, and the education of the next generation. The love for his work is evident when he speaks: “Dermatology is one of only a handful of specialties that straddle both medicine and surgery. I enjoy the broad scope of practice it offers as well as the wide variety of medical remedies and cutting-edge therapeutic devices available today to achieve the best outcome for patients, ranging from lasers for disfiguring birthmarks and biologic therapy for psoriasis, to radiotherapy for skin cancer and cold-assisted lipolysis for unwanted fat.” It’s no wonder then that he receives regular referrals from other specialists. ...

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    Dr Liang Joo Leow


    Please call Dr Liang Joo Leow on 0291882080 to book an appointment with Dr Liang Joo Leow

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