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Dr Bernard Zicat - Hip & Knee Surgeon

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Dr Zicat has been in practice for over 20 years, after joining Bill Walter SR, following completion of his orthopaedic and joint replacement fellowship training. The practice initially started on Cowles Road in Mosman, then moved to Waverton, and most recently into the Mater Clinic just after its completion in 2010. During this time, the primary focus of the practice has been reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee, particularly joint replacement and revision surgery, following on from Dr Walter’s longstanding interest in this field. This experience has resulted in opportunities for involvement in joint replacement design work with large orthopaedic manufacturing companies, that have included several knee replacements, hip replacements and associated instrumentation and surgical techniques to improve outcomes for patients. A significant focus of this implant design has been in the development of improved cementless technology, that eliminates the need for plastic filler to attach implants to bone, and allows the bone to form more long lasting biological attachment to the implants, resulting in improved longevity. Over the past 20 years, Dr Zicat has performed thousands of hip and knee replacements, including revisions, primarily with cementless implants. The practice has expanded to include academic and clinical appointments to Concord Hospital and MacQuarie University Hospital. Dr Zicat treats both private and public patients, and is experienced in the management of lower extremity trauma, including hip and knee injuries. ...

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    Dr Bernard Zicat

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logo of location iconSuite 108, Level 1, Mater Clinic, 3 Gillies Street
Wollstonecraft NSW Australia

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