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about Dr Jonathan Herald MBBS, MSpMed, FRACS (Orth), FAOrthA

Dr Herald specialises in surgical treatments for shoulder, knee and elbow conditions as well as work cover orthopaedic injuries and third party (motor vehicle accident) injuries. Dr Herald has treated some of Australia’s best-known athletes in the fields of swimming, soccer, NRL, Rugby and cricket. Dr Herald has 20 years’ surgical experience and also brings the very latest solutions straight from the playing field, such as cryotherapy (Game Ready) and Synvisc. He holds a Bachelor of Surgery, a Bachelor of Medicine and a Masters in Sports Medicine; and was recently a reviewing surgeon (orthopaedics) for the British Medical Journal. Voted as Australia’s Best Doctor (orthopaedics) on the internationally doctor-rated Best Doctor website, Dr Herald will go the extra mile to ensure all urgent patients are seen within 7 days. He is happy for your GP to call him direct on his mobile and is a “No Gap” surgeon for aged pensioners. ...

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East Sydney Private Hospital Woolloomooloo NSW Australia

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