Meet the team

We are a team of innovators and problem solvers committed to providing practices with the tools they need to deliver greater patient experiences. We bring together a wealth of experience from across the healthcare, technology and business sectors.

Klaus Bartosch

CEO & Co-founder

Richard Rogers

Chief Financial Officer

Joel Reynolds

Chief Technology Officer

Brendan Child

Enterprise Sales Director

Jodie Green

Head of Customer Success

Rishi Kohli

Program Manager

Mirne Le Roux

Chief Customer Officer

Sandra Lee

Project Manager

Eddie Quinones

Sales Director

Will Williams

Marketing Director

Clancy Bird

Software Developer

Graham Brown

Senior Software Developer

Alicia Cifuentes

Digital Marketing Specialist

John Crnjanin

Senior Programmer

Sajid Faleel

Business Analyst

Leofao Fauatea

Customer Support Agent

Edith Feher

Account Manager

Benjie Fleming

UX Designer

Chris Gravis

Senior Programmer

Audrey Kaiser

Digital Performance Manager

Luke Leota

Customer Support Manager

Aayush Mahat

Customer Support Agent

Srinivas Rampelli

Senior Developer

Louise Russo

Senior Practice Consultant

Bella Sainbayar

Customer Support Agent

Brittany Santa Maria

Customer Success Manager

Tara Stuart

Customer Success Manager

Tom West

Solution Consultant

Daniel Wilks

Digital Content Producer

Alessandro Ursino

Digital Performance Manager

Hattie Zeng

Group Finance Manager

Suman Sapkota

Customer Support Agent

Patients 1st and practice centric – that's our focus

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