With EasyCheck-ins, patients can check in for their appointment simply by swiping their medicare card or by entering their details on the touch screen, clearing up front desk congestion and allowing your front desk staff to spend their time with the patients who need that personal touch.

EasyCheck-Ins | Free Up Your Front Desk

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Swipe & check-in

EasyCheck-in connects patient appointments with their Medicare number, so all they have to do is swipe their Medicare card and confirm their details to mark themselves as arrived in your PMS. If the patient doesn’t have a Medicare card, they can check in by entering a few details on the screen to identify themselves, before confirming their contact details. Confidentiality of the patient's personal details is always maintained so that people around them cannot see personal details.

Update Patient Details

EasyCheck-ins ensures patient contact details are up to date by showing the patient a semi-redacted view (to protect their privacy) of their address and contact number and asks them to confirm they are correct. If not, the patient is directed to the front desk to update their contact details. This approach ensures minimal time in front of the kiosk releasing it quickly for the next patient to check in.

Track their place in the queue

It is one of the most common questions patients ask your busy front desk staff when arriving at a practice “how many patients are ahead of me?”. Now, every patient that checks in via the MyHealth1st EasyCheckin Kiosk is advised how many patients are ahead of them to see their doctor ensuring expectations are suitably managed.

Hygiene matters!

The MyHealth1st EasyCheckin Kiosk is made of hospital grade glass and materials, and can be cleaned with alcohol for added safety and infection control.

Free up your front desk

There will always be patients who need more time on the phone or at the front desk with your staff. Ensure your staff have time to dedicate to these patients, by enabling the majority of patients to check-in via the Kiosk and be seated without limiting your front desk staff’s availability for patients who really need them.

Engage patients

Gone are the days of patients wanting to flick through old magazines in the waiting room - patients are more often than not glued to their phone screens. Now you can deliver relevant health care content straight to a patients’ phone upon check-in for their review whilst waiting for their consultation.

Full PMS Integration

MyHealth1st EasyCheck-in integrates fully with  Australia’s most popular practice management systems, including Pracsoft, BP, BlueChip and Genie.

Mounting and Size Options

MyHealth1st EasyCheck-in kiosks can be free-standing, wall-mounted or desk/counter top mounted. Professionally installed by our team.

Full MyHealth1st support and remote management

Your team already has enough technology to manage - that’s why MyHealth1st EasyCheck-ins kiosks are fully remote managed by the MyHealth1st support team. Real-time check-in reporting for all of your kiosks is also available through 1stInsights.

MyHealth1st works seamlessly with your existing practice management system

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