Increase the efficiency and extend the reach of your practice by connecting with new and existing patients via end-to-end encrypted, browser-based video chat. The MyHealth1st telehealth solution is feature rich and entirely browser-based, so there’s no need to download any third party apps or programs.


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Ease and Security

The patient and practitioner are sent unique links to join the telehealth appointment which are only active for a short period either side of the consult - ensuring the consult is easy to join for all involved as well as secure - no risk of unwelcome drop-ins or appointment overlaps.

Search and Listing

The directory service, , powered by MyHealth1st, provides a single website destination for patients across Australia to find a broad range of healthcare practitioners offering telehealth consults, enabling you to increase your reach from your local area to a national basis.

Seamless Integration

Telehealth appointments are seamlessly integrated with the practice PMS ensuring there is no disruption to your normal practice workflow. Consults can even be launched from within your appointment book in your PMS.

Group Consults

Need to include more people in your telehealth consult? MyHealth1st’s integrated telehealth solution supports up to 4 people in a single telehealth consult; e.g yourself, your patient, a specialist and language interpreter.

Feature Rich

MyHealth1st integrated telehealth includes a virtual whiteboard that allows you to use illustrations during consults, easy screen sharing and unlimited document sharing for referrals, e-prescriptions and more.


EasyHealthPayments allows for easy online payments and claiming for telehealth appointments, reducing administrative burden after the consult chasing invoices.

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