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Why Choose Horsfalls?

PREMIUM QUALITY AND PERSONALISED CARE We always endeavour to provide the highest quality care to each patient, with a strong focus on what’s best for each individual. We know that everyone has different needs, preferences and lifestyles, from those working on farms and on the land to those providing other services within our community. That’s why we are always sure to provide tailored advice and customised care based on your personal lifestyle and visual needs. COMMITTED OPTOMETRISTS Our optometrists are highly skilled and experienced, with varied backgrounds and qualifications. We place a strong focus on education. Through ongoing professional training, our optometrists have up-to-date skills and understanding of new equipment, new findings and examination techniques to ensure the earliest possible detection of eye disease before irreversible damage is caused. We have optometrists with postgraduate training in children’s vision, behavioural optometry, and eye disease treatment – ensuring that there is someone to help with your specific needs. Four of our optometrists are also therapeutically qualified which means they can prescribe therapeutic eye drops for conditions such as eye infections, glaucoma and ocular inflammation. WE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY At Horsfalls, we are proud to be a part of our community. We support our community and surrounding areas in as many ways as we can, from employing local people to supporting local sports teams and fundraisers.

Services We Provide

-Comprehensive eye examinations -Visual field assessment -OCT scans -Contact lens fitting and aftercare -Treatment of eye infections -Children's eye examinations

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