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Medicine On Second

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50 Second Ave, Maroochydore QLD 4558 Australia

Medicine On Second is an award winning, innovative, modern, medical practice. We are looking beyond the 21st century practice by doing things "our way" but having a lot of fun in the process whilst trying to maintain those "old fashioned values" too. Remember your family doctor when you were a kid? He was a kindly, paternal gentleman, who did house calls any time, knew everyone in your family, and expected to look after you from cradle to grave – if not yours, then his. You never questioned his judgement, or dreamed of going to anyone else if you weren't satisfied. You never even dreamed of not being satisfied. How times have changed! Thanks to a desire to take responsibility for our own health, these days accessing medical services is now all about choice. ...

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50 Second Ave
Maroochydore QLD Australia

(07) 5443-9455


Our Services

Skin Cancer Checks using SIASCOPE Technology Travel Medicine Coal Board Medicals Interim Coal Board Medicals Pre-Employment Medicals Children’s Health and Vaccinations Allergy testing Women’s Health Men’s Health and prostate checks Vasectomies Diabetes Care Dietician Minor Surgery Health assessments (over 75 yrs) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Dermatology Defence Forces Medicine Aged Health Lifestyle Coaching Occupational Medicine Diving Medicals Sports Medicine 45-49 year old Health
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