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Kensington Park Medical Practice

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84 Shipsters Rd, KENSINGTON SA 5068 Australia

Kensington Park Medical Practice was opened by Dr Brian Symon and Dr.Brian Storer in 1998. Dr.Storer has since retired, and Dr.Symon is now the only GP practising. With him is a team of Allied Health Professionals, including two clinical psychologists, an RN who specialises in child sleep behaviour and skin cancer checks, a team of bariatric surgeons and a physician who specialises in Medical Hypnotherapy, renal function and paediatrics. Front office staff include Deb and Maria, who have been with Kensington Park Medical Practice for 6 years and 11 years respectively. Fay works casual hours at the clinic but was once the main receptionist before semi-retiring. Dr.Symon focuses mainly on infant sleep and feeding issues, though he sees regular GP patients too. ...

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84 Shipsters Rd



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