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How do I Book an Appointment on the App?

1. Find your Practice

Select “🔍 Practices/Practitioners” and type in the name of your local practice.

2. Select a Treatment Type

Practitioners across Australia have different treatment types and appointment lengths. When booking your appointment, select the treatment type most appropriate for your needs from the dropdown.

3. Find Your Practitioner

On the screen you will be shown the list of practitioners that have available appointments for your chosen appointment type. Choose the practitioner you would like to book an appointment with.

4. Choose the Right Appointment Time

Our system will default to the first available appointment, however you can select the calendar to choose your preferred date and time.

5. Place Your Booking

Complete the booking process information. If you register an Account, your details will be saved for your convenience. This means next time you book an appointment through MyHealth1st you won’t have to fill them out and it will be even faster and easier.

6. Confirm Your Appointment

You’ll be presented with a screen confirming all of your appointment details. If these are correct, select “Confirm Appointment”. Once that’s done, you’re all done. Soon after you confirm your appointment via the app, you will receive an email with further confirmation details. You will also receive an appointment reminder three hours before your scheduled appointment time.

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