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How do I attach a referral to my booking?

Step 1. Check your file format 

You can attach your referral from your computer, phone or tablet. These can be electronic files, scanned documents or photos of your documents. Our system will only accept files that are in JPEG, PNG, PDF or HEIC file format. All files must be in the same file format.

Step 2. Attach your file

Files can be no larger than 5mb and are uploaded one at a time. Click the “Page 1” button and select the files you need to attach. If you accidentally add the wrong file, you can remove it by selecting the 'Delete' icon that is next to the incorrectly uploaded file.

Once the first page has been successfully uploaded, a “Page 2” button becomes available if you need to upload another document. Similarly a “Page 3” button becomes available once the second document is successfully uploaded.

Please ensure all files are in the correct orientation and order.

Step 3. Continue with your booking 

Once you have attached the files you need for your referral, complete all other mandatory fields on the page, then hit the “Continue” button on the bottom right of your screen. 

For privacy and security, referrals will not be saved until the appointment is confirmed.


If the "Continue" button does not become active, or you are receiving any error notifications, please refer to the following checklist:

  • All files must be in the same format 
  • Only JPEG, PNG, PDF and HEIC files are accepted 
  • Files must be uploaded in the correct order (e.g. page 1 first, then page 2) 
  • Limit of 3 files
  • Each file must be under 5 MB (15 MB total).

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