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Welcome to Manor Lakes Medical Centre

The Manor Lakes Medical Centre is a modern and new medical centre established as part of the Manor Lakes Central Shopping Centre. Located next door to the Pharmacy, the Medical Centre has five consulting rooms and a large treatment room together with other ancillary rooms. The Medical Centre is the only clinic in the Manor Lakes development and is expected to continue experiencing high growth due to the increasing population. The centre operates extended hours and provides a seven day General Practice service to the local community of 23,000 people who are primarily young families. The Manor Lakes development includes a range of educational, sporting and community developments as well as a retirement village and aged care facility. The centre offers the opportunity to become part of a growing community and to make a difference in the lives of many new families.

Services We Provide

- Antenatal Care - Audiometry - Blood Pressure - Bone density testing - Breast Examinations - Cosmetic Surgery - Counselling - Clinics - Dentist - Diabetes - Dietitian - Dressings - Electrocardiograms - Family Planning - General Checkups - Massage - Maternity - Menopause - Metabolism Clinic - Minor Surgery - Optometrist - Pap Smear Tests - Pathology - Pregnancy Testing - Prostate Screening - Removal of - Skin Cancer - Smoking - Sunspots - Spirometry - Sports Injuries - Spinal Manipulation - Travel vaccinations - Ultrasonography - Weight Control - X-rays

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