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Tensegrity Clinics was founded in 2012 in Sydney, with the purpose of providing highly accessible, cost effective and quality treatment of all non-surgical muscle, bone, joint, tendon and ligament injuries and muscular pain. The highly trained team at Tensegrity combine advanced movement based diagnostic techniques with proven treatment techniques such as dry needling, laser therapy, soft tissue manipulation techniques and exercise rehabilitation to achieve the best results, fast. The dedicated team members are extremely professional and endeavour to provide outstanding results to all patients. Their passion for the work makes them highly competent and unique from the others. They will assist you with your requirements and will ensure you the best possible solutions. The team comprises of experienced Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Our health professionals are fully qualified in the treatment of biomechanical dysfunction and non-surgical musculoskeletal disorders. Tensegrity Clinics aims to restore client health to the highest level by eliminating muscular injuries and pain. We achieve this through careful manual manipulation therapy.

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