Mohit Tolani

Mohit Tolani


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  • Mohit has been an exceptional dentist, community volunteer and an excellent example of an admirable leader who, in addition to undertaking professional development studies and leadership commitments ranging across nationally, has selflessly devoted his time to various career and community initiatives. Mohit graduated as a dentist from Griffith University in the Gold Coast. Academically, prior to commencing post graduate Dental studies at Griffith University, he completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Honours in Pathology at The University of Sydney and more recently, also completed a double degree of Master of Public Health and Master of Health Management from The University of New South Wales. After finishing his dental education, Mohit worked as a hospital dental surgeon at Goulburn Valley Health hospital in Shepparton, rural Victoria gaining a myriad of dental clinical experiences; enjoying all components of general dentistry. Given the fact that dental patients are scared and fear to see the dentists, Mohit tends to engage with the patients creatively at a one on one personal level. No matter which field or industry, the essence of novel dental techniques and concepts drives him to further learn and investigate, leading to its productive implementation. For example, Mohit implements motivational interviewing aiming to increase the motivation for preventative dental health management. Mohit’s simplicity in discussing treatment plans, together with guidance for long term oral health management is thoroughly appreciated by the patients. He is hard working and efficient and aims to achieve the best possible outcomes in critical situations demanding extra care. He has a pleasant and an outgoing personality which enables him to communicate well with both staff and patients in addition to his good sense of humour. Over the past few years, in addition to undertaking full time work, extra professional studies and research work, his contribution and growth within the dentistry discipline has been appreciated due to the constructive difference it has made to the healthcare, indigenous students’ education, multicultural enrichment, professional development and youth leadership. He has undertaken and convened several dental charitable initiatives and community service projects making a difference both locally and nationally. Some of his recent notable acknowledgements include The University of Sydney Young Alumni Award, Griffith University Outstanding Young Health Alumnus of the Year Award, Goulburn Valley Young professional of the Year Award and more recently, both the national and state of NSW Pride of Australia Medal. In his leisure time, Mohit likes to explore restaurants of different cuisines and visit new places with his family and friends.
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