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    .National Dental Care - NDC Dewhurst Dental

    Suite 4 175 Rusden Street, Armidale NSW 2350 Australia

    With more than three decades devoted to the New England community, National Dental Care Armidale has established a reputation for providing exceptional dental care to its patients. The team of dentists and therapists at National Dental Care Armidale is not only passionate about your oral health, but your total body health and wellbeing, and is committed to making sure that your long term dental health is maintained at an optimum level. Our focus is on encouraging the prevention of dental disease and we consider ourselves to be your partner in developing the best long-term results possible. We welcome all members of the family and our caring and professional staff have extensive experience in working with children and the elderly. Our services are reflective of this, and we’re pleased to offer a diverse range of solutions including major restorative, implants – including ‘All on 4’, crowns and bridges. At all times we strive to ensure your visit to National Dental Care Armidale is fun and friendly. Servicing patients in these areas: Ben Venue, Duval, Madgwick, Bona Vista and Soudan Heights. - See more at: https://www.nationaldentalcare.com.au/practice/dewhurst-dental/#sthash.HBzgqkdl.dpuf

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