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    Practices in Alexandra Hills

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    SmartClinics Alexandra Hills Family Medical Centre

    189 Vienna Road, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161 Australia

    WE OFFER TELEHEALTH & FACE-TO-FACE GP APPOINTMENTS Our Doctors provide over the phone support for pregnancy, mental health, and patients with autism, chronic diseases or eating disorders, plus a wide range of other health services. If a script is required, it’ll be faxed, emailed or posted to you or your preferred pharmacy. We also offer face-to-face bookings with a Doctor. Book online and choose your preferred clinic location, doctor and appointment time.

    Practices in Victoria Point

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    Medicross Victoria Point

    Located inside Victoria Point Shopping Mall, 2-34 Bunker Road, Victoria Point QLD 4165 Australia

    Medicross Medical Pty Ltd™ ‘s core business is to provide quality General Practice Management services to the network of independent medical centres. Medicross Medical Pty Ltd™ is a service company to medical and allied health professionals. Comprehensive primary healthcare and related services are offered in our network of medical centres with the focus on quality medicine and excellent client services. We believe in offering the highest level of personal attention to our patients, complemented with the highest quality of professional healthcare in order to maximise the health outcomes.

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