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    SmartClinics Ipswich Family Medical Centre

    10 Churchill St, Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia

    Located in Ipswich, QLD. SmartClinics is a large group of experienced Family Doctors who are open for both In-Clinic and Telehealth consultations for all patients, with clinics right across Queensland and Tasmania. At SmartClinics, our patients are at the centre of every decision we make. By understanding what is most important to you and your family, we’re able to deliver the better quality healthcare that every patient deserves.

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    ClinicALL - Leichhardt

    51-57 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040 Australia

    ClinicALL appointment requests require a pre-payment of $35.00 ($48.00 private) to be taken for patients with a valid Medicare card, at the time of enquiry. Specialised Health Care and Treatment Management Service ClinicALL offers consultations for conditions such as: Appointment types: An Initial Telehealth Appointment (Short 5 mins or Long 20 mins) Chronic Disease Management Medication Management Respiratory conditions (such as Asthma) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Depending on your care needs, your appointment may be conducted over the phone or in person as not all locations can accommodate face to face consultations. ClinicALL offers all appointments by appointment only, walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Please note: ClinicALL offers all appointments by appointment only, walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Upon completion of your enquiry, you will be contacted by a member of the ClinicAll team within 15 minutes to arrange an appropriate appointment time. This phone call may come from an interstate phone number. If you have any issues call us directly on 1300 419 830 or email info@clinicall.com.au. Billing policy ClinicAll is a Mixed Billing Practice. ClinicAll requires pre-payment of $35.00 (out of pocket fee) for Medicare Card holders or $48.00 for private bookings, this payment will be taken at the time of booking. Upon completion of your booking ClinicAll will call to book and confirm suitable appointment time.


    Your Doctors Leichhardt

    93–95 Balmain Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040 Australia

    We are not a medical centre. They like to focus on patient turnover, which is sort of the opposite of how we do things. We are not your regular private practice. Traditional practices can offer quality GPs, however they value individual doctors and generally operate in silos. Your Doctors is a general practice that sees itself as pioneering a positive, inclusive and collaborative approach to patient healthcare. By 'collaborative' we mean the highest quality doctors, clinical staff, nurses and support staff in a team environment where our collective focus is always the patient, and our individuals are valued as equals. We provide our patients with more than just their doctor of choice, but with the added benefits of collective opinion and experience. Our patients can also expect a consistent and seamless interaction with any one of our team members.

    Doctors in Mount Walker

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    Get Better Clinic

    Test Site, Mount Walker WA 6369 Australia

    Doctors in Newtown

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    Church Street Medical Practice

    280 Church Street, Newtown NSW 2042 Australia

    At Church Street Medical Practice, our most important goal is to provide high quality medical care to everyone that steps inside our doors. We want you to know that maintaining your health and well-being means that we treat you as a person, and not as just a patient. To ensure these high standards, we ask that you nominate your primary GP, as well as a secondary GP should your regular doctor be unavailable. In this way, we’re able to ensure that your health needs are addressed by those most familiar with you, rather than offering potentially fragmented care that doesn’t meet our standards and your needs.

    Doctors in Ripley

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    Ripley Medical and Skin Clinic

    20/20 Main St, Ripley QLD 4306 Australia

    At Ripley Medical & Skin Clinic we aim to provide the highest level of service to our patients whilst being fully devoted to providing a level of care that you and your loved ones deserve. Our team excels in delivering safe and high-quality treatments. Thus, we uphold all the tenets of best practice and firmly believe in treating our patients with respect, sensitivity and honesty.

    Doctors in Woodend

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    Brooke Street Medical Centre Woodend

    14 Brooke Street, Woodend VIC 3442 Australia

    *** COVID-19 Vaccination booking update *** if we have any available vaccines there will be an option to select COVID-19 Vaccination via the Book now button. If the option is not displayed then we are currently awaiting stock. With the easing of restrictions in Victoria, we are encouraging non-symptomatic patients to be seen face to face. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please call reception. Telehealth appointments are available via reception on 03 54271002. Ours is a multidisciplinary Practice working from a team centred approach. Doctors, nurses and other allied health service providers offer a range of services to meet your acute, urgent, chronic and ongoing health needs. Ours is a teaching Practice. We take pride in the ongoing education of all our staff. We also regularly train medical, nursing and allied health students to prepare them for the health services workforce. Our Practice aims at all times to provide friendly, skilled and professional services – speak to one of our respected receptionists to organise the care that best suits your needs.

    Doctors in Yamanto

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    Yamanto Family Practice

    512-514 Warwick Road, Yamanto QLD 4305 Australia

    Yamanto Family Practice are committed and caring GPs and are happy to see patients of all ages. We share a strong interest in health promotion, disease prevention and the diligent care of those with chronic conditions. We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff members committed to ensuring that you receive the best medical care possible.

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