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    Doctors in Bendigo

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    Bendigo Medical Centre Bridge Street

    63-65 Bridge Street, Bendigo VIC 3550 Australia

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    Bendigo Medical Centre Epsom

    164-168 Midland Highway, Epsom VIC 3551 Australia

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    Bendigo Medical Centre Flora Hill

    153 Neale Street, Flora Hill VIC 3550 Australia

    Doctors in Inglewood

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    Samara Aesthetics

    918 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052 Australia

    Rediscover your confidence & natural beauty at Samara Aesthetics cosmetic clinic Samara Aesthetics is a Perth-based aesthetic skin clinic, located on 918 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. We offer a comprehensive range of advanced medical cosmetic procedures. Each procedure is designed to deliver natural results that complement not only your natural features but also stay true to your unique personality. Contact us today for a cosmetic clinic in Perth that is committed to helping you rediscover your confidence through your natural beauty. Tailormade treatment plans & quality cosmetic medicine The practising doctor is Dr Sam Aravinth MBBS FRACGP (Hons) with over 15 years of clinical experience. Whether you consider your cosmetic concern to be small or not, all patients are welcome – catering to you is part and parcel of our expertise. At our practice, we provide you with a tailormade treatment plan based on computerised skin and facial analysis which we undertake during your initial consultation. Our patients are central to the procedure. Following consultation, we will discuss a quote with an itemised list of treatment options with you. Understanding how important this process is we give our patients time to decide what treatment options they would like to undertake if any. Dr Sam Aravinth acknowledges that for the best cosmetic outcome, the practitioner needs to be both a skilled clinician and an artist. Rest assured when you come to our aesthetic skin clinic you’ve come to the right place for a high quality, affordable service, aimed at enhancing your natural beauty. Treatments • Laser Therapy We offer a variety of laser therapy treatments that revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, restoring its natural glow and boosting your confidence. • Anti-ageing treatments Our anti-ageing treatments encourage and instil cellular vitality and energy. Our procedures were developed and to leave your skin looking younger by repairing the loss of elasticity and appearance of flexibility in the skin. • Complexion enhancement While we all desire an even skin tone, factors such as age as well as hereditary, environmental, behavioural, and medical conditions can contribute negatively to your complexion. After careful analysis of your skin, we recommend and provide expert treatment to enhance your appearance. • Skincare treatments If you feel that your skin is giving your face a tired and worn appearance, there is no need to despair. You can rely on our cosmetic clinic to help rejuvenate and refresh it with the variety of affordable skin care treatments we offer.

    Doctors in Kyneton

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    Campaspe Family Practice

    Kyneton Hospital, 7-25 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Kyneton VIC 3444 Australia

    We're Accessible We understand that you can’t always plan when you need medical attention. We also understand you will want a GP you trust and feel comfortable with and ASAP! So, we make sure that six to eight appointments are kept free with every doctor for on-the-day emergencies. Many in our community commute long distances to and from work, so we offer late appointments and are open Saturdays to offer commuters great medical care with their preferred GP. There’s no point having a GP that you trust and feel comfortable with if you can never get in to see them when you need to. Even if you call late in the day - we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you. At the very least, there’s always a nurse available to talk to you about your concerns. We employ Doctors that you’ll like We work very hard to recruit doctors that our patients like and trust. We know to achieve exceptional medical care we need you to feel comfortable and supported by your GP. Specialist medical skills are important but we also want you to feel listened to and understood. So, we don’t just look for excellence in medicine when choosing our doctors – we look for doctors who are also affable, caring, and easy to talk to. We're Affordable We’re committed to providing medical care when you need it – whatever your circumstances. So there will always be some doctors at the clinic that will bulk bill concession patients such as Health Care Card holders, Pensioners and children under the age of sixteen. Specialised Services We pride ourselves on offering you as many specialised services as close to home as possible. There is no need to travel to the bigger cities to get the medical services you need. We are very active in recruiting quality specialists to join our team – and we specifically target those areas that we find are under-serviced in our area.

    Doctors in Woodend

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    Brooke Street Medical Centre Woodend

    14 Brooke Street, Woodend VIC 3442 Australia

    *** COVID-19 Vaccination booking update *** if we have any available vaccines there will be an option to select COVID-19 Vaccination via the Book now button. If the option is not displayed then we are currently awaiting stock. With the easing of restrictions in Victoria, we are encouraging non-symptomatic patients to be seen face to face. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please call reception. Telehealth appointments are available via reception on 03 54271002. Ours is a multidisciplinary Practice working from a team centred approach. Doctors, nurses and other allied health service providers offer a range of services to meet your acute, urgent, chronic and ongoing health needs. Ours is a teaching Practice. We take pride in the ongoing education of all our staff. We also regularly train medical, nursing and allied health students to prepare them for the health services workforce. Our Practice aims at all times to provide friendly, skilled and professional services – speak to one of our respected receptionists to organise the care that best suits your needs.

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