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    Golden Plains Medical Centre

    59 Geelong Road, Bannockburn VIC 3331 Australia

    Golden Plains Medical Centre aims to provide the highest quality of healthcare to you and your family. We are dedicated in promoting wellbeing and disease prevention within the Golden Plains Shire and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on our services and our doctors’ passion to pursue excellence in medicine and surgery through their work and study. Some of our services include: Children's Immunization & Health Heart ECG & Lungs Functions Tests. Skin Cancer checks (by Dermoscopy) & different skin procedures Men and Women's Health Chronic diseases management On-site pathology collection Allied Services- Chiropractor,Hearing Clinic,Remedial massgae

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    4D Skin Clinic

    364 Pacific Hwy, Belmont NSW 2280 Australia

    4D Skin Clinic was established by Newcastle doctors as a commitment to provide the best skin cancer diagnosis and treatment to all members of the community. We provide a comprehensive skin service focused on skin cancer management, treating and rejuvenating sun damaged skin and providing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Our state of the art laser equipment enables us to offer treatments that benefit the health of your skin, provide cosmetic benefits and remove tattoos. We welcome GP referrals, we work closely with our patients’ GPs and encourage team care arrangements. Patients can also attend without a referral. We offer priority appointments for urgent concerns. All our doctors specialise in skin cancer medicine and surgery, are highly trained and experienced and are actively staying up to date with the latest information and technologies. Our team is committed to core values of excellence in diagnosis and treatment, safety, positive patient outcomes and enduring relationships. At 4D Skin Clinic we take the time to listen, find answers and provide you with the best care in a calm environment. Our clinic is easy to find and access and there is ample car parking. We are located on the 1st floor and lift access is provided. We also provide ground ground floor facilities

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    Dentists & Doctors - DOCTORS

    19 Gheringhap Street, Geelong VIC 3220 Australia

    Welcome to Dentists & Doctors, we are a local small family business based in Geelong in the heart of town and 5 minutes away from the beautiful foreshore. We are here to serve the community of Geelong and its surrounding suburbs and cater to its growing need and demand for state of the art dental and healthcare services. As the name suggests, Dentists & Doctors, was formed by a Dentist and Doctor. They both shared the same vision in which the highest quality of medical and dental care should be provided to all patients at an affordable cost.

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    ClinicALL - Newcomb

    71 Bellarine Hwy, Newcomb VIC 3219 Australia

    Practice Profile Description

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    Church Street Medical Practice

    280 Church Street, Newtown NSW 2042 Australia

    At Church Street Medical Practice, our most important goal is to provide high quality medical care to everyone that steps inside our doors. We want you to know that maintaining your health and well-being means that we treat you as a person, and not as just a patient. To ensure these high standards, we ask that you nominate your primary GP, as well as a secondary GP should your regular doctor be unavailable. In this way, we’re able to ensure that your health needs are addressed by those most familiar with you, rather than offering potentially fragmented care that doesn’t meet our standards and your needs.

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    The Quay Family Healthcare

    T13, 222 Fischer Street, Torquay VIC 3228 Australia

    The Quay Family Healthcare is a medical centre located on 222 Fischer Street, Torquay. The medical centre provides a quality service and excellent care for its patients. As well as the entire range of standard GP services, The Quay Family Healthcare provides services in Gynaecology, Family Health, Maternity Care, Vaccinations and many other services. Patients and their family members can enjoy the free Wi-Fi and colourful kids play area while waiting for appointments.

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