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Doctors in Fitzroy

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Australian Catholic University (ACU Medical Centre Melbourne)

Australian Catholic University (ACU Medical Centre Melbourne)

Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy Campus, Fitzroy VIC

Australian Catholic University (ACU Medical Centre Melbourne) is a General Practice which offers comprehensive, high quality health care to ACU students, staff and the local community.

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Doctors in Melbourne

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Men's Health Melbourne

Men's Health Melbourne

Mezzanine Level 233 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Men’s Health Melbourne (MHM) is a brand new urological clinic in Melbourne offering the latest approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders affecting men’s health and fertility. MHM is staffed by specialist urologists and andrologists who are experts in the field of urology, andrology and male infertility. In our clinic, we offer a comprehensive health service with a strong focus on individual health issues encountered by men. We are dedicated to clinical excellence in urological care and patient education. We believe that it is important that patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. Our specialists are available for support throughout each step of the healthcare process from diagnosing disorders to deciding on treatment through to the recovery process.

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Doctors in South Melbourne

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Clarendon Medical

Clarendon Medical

446 Clarendon Street , South Melbourne, 3205 VIC, Australia, South Melbourne VIC

Welcome to Clarendon Medical. A Private Billing General Practice in South Melbourne. We believe in providing high-quality care in a friendly, caring and professional environment. We value people, their experiences and their attitudes. We understand that health is an individual experience and we seek to meet the individual need. We are proud of the unique offering at Clarendon Medical. An evidence-based approach, bringing together the best in general and functional medicine. Please phone the practice on Ph: (03) 9960 2800 to make an appointment to discover a new approach to health.

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