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    Your Doctors Ashfield

    37 Henry Street, Ashfield NSW 2131 Australia

    Your Doctors is a new, collaborative General Practice servicing patients in the inner west. When we say new, we simply mean that we offer a new, higher standard of GP services and patient care. In fact, the team at Your Doctors have been working together for years. In some cases, decades. So we're definitely not 'new' at what we do. Our medical practitioners are highly experienced, industry leaders across a full range of healthcare services for all ages. If you're looking for a practice that caters for your entire family, or you simply need some advice on your health, get in contact with one of our practices today.

    Doctors in Darlington

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    University Health Service

    Level 3, Wentworth Building G01, Maze Ct, Darlington NSW 2008 Australia

    The University Health Service offers, experienced general practitioner and emergency medical care services to all members of the University community: students (undergraduate and post graduate) and staff. As of May 2016 we are only able to accept NEW PATIENTS from the above groups. All patients who have attended before are welcome to continue using our services.

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