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    ClinicALL - Karrinyup

    200 Karrinyup Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018 Australia

    ClinicALL offers consultations with a GP 24/7. During your consultation your GP can prescribe medication, provide you with pathology and radiology tests and issue Medical certificates and specialist referrals. Scripts sent to your closest pharmacy. If you have any issues call us directly on 1800 888 633 or email info@clinicall.com.au.

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    Trigg Health Care Centre

    63 Charles Riley Road, Trigg WA 6029 Australia

    Trigg Health Care Centre is a local, community focused general practice dedicated to providing a warm, caring, family friendly experience. With specialist general practitioners, skilled nursing staff, on-site pathology and an Educational Psychologist, the practice offers an extensive range of services forming a one-stop-shop for all of the local area’s healthcare needs.

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