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Doctors in Henderson

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Proact @ ASC Perth

Proact @ ASC Perth

20 Nautical Drive , Henderson, 6166 WA, Australia, Henderson WA

Proact Health is an Australian company, owned and operated by a team of medical and allied health professionals who are passionate about changing how primary healthcare is delivered in Australia. Our objective is to deliver leading-edge primary care driven health and wellness facilities in office buildings, centred on offering tenants a boutique premium wellness experience with curated opportunities to manage their health and well-being under the guidance of medical practitioners and allied health professionals.

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Doctors in Melville

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Melville Family Health Centre

Melville Family Health Centre

340 Marmion Street, Melville WA

Melville Family Health Centre is unique in WA, offering you a very special service. A wide range of health professionals are proud to work cooperatively together to assist your health and wellbeing. These include family doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, community nurses and psychologists. In the heart of the community, situated on the highest point of Marmion Street, we are easy to access. We are located conveniently next to Melville Heights Shopping Centre, at the corner of Marmion Street and Redwood Crescent. We have parking at the rear and buses run past the door. We provide a safe and confidential environment for you and your family. Relax in our native gardens and come in to enjoy the soothing waterfall in our award-winning Centre. Should you have any queries, please ask our friendly staff. New patients are welcome, including Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle and Veteran Affairs. Child and pensioner concessions are available. We accept cash, cheque, most credit cards, EFTPOS and HICAPS for payment.

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Doctors in Rockingham

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Samy Medical Practice - Rockingham

Samy Medical Practice - Rockingham

17 Attwood Way, Rockingham WA

Do you remember going to your family doctor when you were little? The doctor who knew your family members by their first name, who provided quality healthcare at bulk billing rates for everyone and who lived in the local area. Samy Medical Practice prides itself on being “Family Owned and Operated”. Samy Medical Practice is fully equipped and offers a wide range of services and procedures for your family’s health. We are located centrally in Rockingham.

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