General Surgeons near Chermside

Obesity Surgery Brisbane

Chermside Health Hub Level 2 Suite 204 621 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD

0.8 km

Dr George Hopkins

Total Upper GI Surgery - St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside

Level 1 St Vincents Private Hospital Northside 627 Rode Road, Chermside QLD

0.9 km

Dr David Mitchell

  • Upper GI
  • Bariatric

Dr Robert Finch

  • Upper GI
  • Bariatric

Dr Kevin Chan

  • Upper GI
  • Bariatric
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Dr Ian Shaw

Level 3 627 Rode Road St Vincent's Northside Medical Centre, Chermside QLD

1 km

Dr Ian Shaw (Weight Loss Surgery consults only)