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Vision and Learning Institute

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The Vision and Learning Institute is a Behavioural Optometry practice. We are one of the few Vision and Learning clinics in Australia. What is Behavioural Optometry? Behavioural Optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice. Your visual status and the way that you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is. Consideration must be given to all your visual, visual motor and visual perceptual skills. In this way we will consider the remediation of any eyesight difficulties and the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of your visual system in order to improve all aspects of your visual performance. ...

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Practice hours

Tuesday:09:00am - 05:00pm

Wednesday:09:00am - 05:00pm

Thursday:09:00am - 05:00pm

Friday:09:00am - 05:00pm


logo of location icon57 Prospect Road
Prospect SA Australia

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