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Excellence in Eye Care As an independent practice we are focussed on you. We allocate more time per consultation to ensure we have the time to fully understand your vision needs and go beyond a basic prescription assessment. This also means we can provide further in depth health testing and provide a recommendation that fits your personal requirements, not a one option fits all lens. We have complete control over our frame and sunglass brands, and we refresh them regularly to ensure you find something you absolutely love. Our mission is to provide excellence in eye care, in all areas. World Class Technology by ZEISS Eyes@Optometry have invested in world class technology by Zeiss, because basic technology just isn’t good enough. Our equipment isn’t for show. It’s gold standard. Therefore, our Optometrists can diagnose and manage your eye health, accurately. The best way to protect your eye health, is accurate and early detection. We also recommend spectacle lenses by Zeiss, which are fitted in an Australian laboratory. They are ethically produced, with excellent environmental standards. Zeiss are world class leaders in vision and their range of lenses offer the latest technology, so we can deliver the best vision outcome for you. Continuity of Care The Optometrist that looks after you will be looking after your eye health care for years to come. We get to know you and your eyes, and your individual vision needs. Community Focussed Eyes@Optometry is a local business and we live, shop and work locally. Our children attend local schools and play sports with the local associations. We are proud to offer our Vision for Learning program (inset link to page) to local primary schools. This is a free community service to local children. We support the Salvation Army in Bunbury and provide free eye test clinics and glasses annually. We also donate to the Australian branch of Optometry Giving Sight and Lions Recycle for Sight. Annually Eyes@Optometry supports our junior sporting clubs and over the years has provided uniforms for HBL junior Auskick, HBL junior netball, HBL junior football and Southwest Slammers.

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