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To connect with Pierre Bonnet Psychology, please visit: https://bulk-billing-psychologist-pierre-bonnet.business.site Pierre completed a 6 year applied Masters Degree in Psychology during 1975 to 1981, and has been a registered psychologist in different settings since then. He has been a registered Medicare, DVA and Workcover service provider working at medical practices in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane since 2006 to present. In his view, psychological counselling in general is characterised by a benevolent, respectful and a non-judgmental professional relationship between a client and a psychologist, with the client’s psychological best interest and well-being as his main and only aim. His preferred approach to psychological counselling relies on good intention and practical common sense, and is based on making use of psychological therapy strategies aimed at the client’s expectations and goals, and adapted to the unique needs and concerns of each person. Pierre’s approach focuses on a collaborative exploration and re-appraising of situational stressors and significant life events, searching for new or different psychological perspectives and possibilities to clarify the experience, the perceptions and assumptions, and the emotions relating to the concern. Strategies to restructure thought processes and patterns so as to enhance emotion regulation and coping strategies are explained and explored during sessions. He has assisted clients with concerns relating to anxiety, abuse, trauma, stress, depression, relationship issues, coping, and life in general (aren’t we all in the same boat), with clients from diverse backgrounds, life phases and ages and walks of life, over decades. ...

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    Please call Pierre Bonnet Psychology on 0438739274 to book an appointment with Pierre Bonnet

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logo of location icon21 Oval Avenue (CURRENTLY CLOSED) AVAILABLE VIA TELEHEATH
TELEHEALTH ONLY Caloundra QLD Australia

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