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Hello, I’m Franco Greco, The founder of Your Psychologist. I am a Registered Psychologist and Internationally Accredited Coach based in Melbourne. If you are a professional who is feeling stuck in a negative pattern or cycle in your life, work or relationships, I’m here to help you experience the change, relief and lightness you’re looking for. I have over 20 years of Executive and Corporate experience. I understand what it is like to be a professional working in complex roles and managing a range of life and work challenges. I understand people and I know how to positively transform lives and careers. Learn more about me. - As Your Psychologist, I am committed to work alongside you to help you feel and work better. - I am committed to working with people, by ensuring that you feel understood, respected and heard. That you have the opportunity to learn new ways to cope with the difficulties that we all face at times in life and at work. - I am a fully qualified and experienced psychologist registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and have membership with the psychological professional body of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). - I am Internationally Accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation. (ICF) - I practice evidence based therapy and I am continually undertaking training and updating our knowledge, so that I remain current and fresh to best practice psychological treatments and tools. I wasn't always a psychologist! I have worked the Public Sector for over 20 years, initially as an economist and then more broadly as an Executive in the last 16 years. I have always been passionate about helping organisations and individuals improve their leadership, culture, employee engagement, mental heath and performance. I love to explore, unpack and understand the reasons why people, as individuals and in groups, behave the way they do. During this time, I became an accredited executive and organisational coach and have extensive experience in coaching leaders and their teams. I have helped a number of individuals and teams across different organisations to increase their employee engagement and job satisfaction and enhance their psychological trust. I have led a number of coaching programs and resilience, assertiveness and mental health workshops using the most up to date evidence based psychological approaches. This has improved individual resilience, motivation and performance. Building on my specialist training in economics and coaching, I decided to pursue a further studies in organisational and counselling psychology. In becoming a registered psychologist, I opened a private practice. I am in the progress of being endorsed as a Counselling Psychologist. My experiences have given me unique insights and expertise. This has shaped the way I approach my practice and the type of clients I believe I can best help. That is why I work with clients from predominantly professional, executive and entrepreneurial backgrounds.

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