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In our busy and fast moving society we often juggle multiple tasks at the same time, such as work, parenting, social events, study – the list goes on. This can often lead to stress building up over time and we tend to feel more run down, tired, anxious, depressed, or suffer from health complaints such as headaches. We often find ourselves getting carried away by worrying thoughts about the future or revisiting events from the past. Kids are also increasingly turned outward to external stimuli, often overscheduled, and taking less time to rest in stillness. They too worry about the future (e.g. the exams at school, the conflict at home, the bullying at school) and the past (e.g. parents separation, grief and losses in the past such as a pet’s death) Mindfulness helps to turn our attention inwards and becoming more aware of our experience in the here and now – the only moment we actually have, the present. And it truly is a present to live fully in the moment, for example, to rediscover the beauty of a flower in all its details, enjoy a cup of tea or play with a child with full attention. I help parents and kids to reconnect to the here-and-now and start fresh at every moment of the day. Every new moment holds many possibilities of how we want to engage with the world, with our environment, our loved ones, our children. Each and every day we have a choice to do things differently - an enormous potential to grow and change. I am specialised in child and family psychology assisting people with a variety of emotional and clinical problems as well as supporting those who wish to increase their overall quality of life. Services are offered through my private practice in Attadale. Please see 'therapy' page for details.

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