Mansi Aghera - Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Mansi Aghera - Pelvic Health Physiotherapist


Telehealth appointments are available for a range of health issues, but if you feel you need direct treatment for an injury or a physical examination you may need to book an in-person appointment.
  • A. 6 week Postnatal review
  • B. Initial Consultation
  • C. Review Consultation
  • D. Breast Ultrasound Consultation
  • E. Nipple Laser Consultation
  • F. Telehealth consultation for inflammatory breast conditions including blocked ducts & mastitis.
  • Mansi is a Continence and Pelvic Health physiotherapist, who has completed her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy majoring in Continence and Pelvic Health at Curtin University. She has 7 years of experience in physiotherapy, having worked at SportsMed Subiaco (now Subiaco Women’s Health) for the last 4 years. She provides both outpatient services and inpatient maternity services. Outpatient services include private physiotherapy consultations, clinical pilates, antenatal pilates classes and antenatal pool classes. Mansi is experienced in working with women during pregnancy and postnatally and is passionate about helping women return to exercise safely post birth and achieve their goals. She treats pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions (sacroiliac joint pain, low back/sciatic pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, and coccyx pain), rectus abdominis diastasis/abdominal separation, breastfeeding issues (cracked nipples, blocked ducts, and mastitis). Mansi also specialises in the management of bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, and pelvic organ prolapse in adults at all life stages. Mansi’s treatment approach is evidence-based and holistic, with a focus on empowering patients with knowledge so they can take charge of their own symptoms. Whilst Mansi is not at work, she enjoys camping and 4WD adventures, cooking and reading.
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