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Assessment and Treatment of Musculoskeletal problems

Myotherapy (Musculoskeletal Therapy) is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions that involve pain and dysfunction. The aim of Myotherapy is to improve muscular function (strength & flexibility) and to decrease pain. At Waverley Road Myotherapy, we specialise in the treatment of sports and repetitive strain injuries to accelerate healing and prevent further injury or dysfunction. Our Myotherapist Tim Rogan holds a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences:Myotherapy. He is equipt with skills and experience gained from a variety of sporting/athletic events such as; Melbourne marathon and Enduro-mountain biking. He is also trained to treat workplace injuries and injuries that result of daily life activities. In your initial consultation, a comprehensive assessment of your posture and body mechanics will take place to allow for a holistic approach to helping you. Consultations involve; manual therapy (deep tissue muscle/massage techniques), therapeutic cupping, dry needling, taping/ strapping, exercise prescription, postural correction and lifestyle education. Our Myotherapist, Tim Rogan is registered with HICAPS making appointments claimable on the spot.

Services We Provide

- Myotherapy

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