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    Counselling Services

    Bremer st, Griffith, Griffith ACT 2603 Australia

    I am an experienced Counsellor and Hypnotherapist helping people manage all kinds of challenges. If you are feeling helpless or hopeless and unable to take control of your life please contact me. I have helped people manage their anxieties, overcome post traumatic stress and easily deal with panic attacks and phobias. I also help people quit smoking and deal with past traumas as well as current problems. I have also helped people to manage their pain levels and release the emotional basis of much emotional pain. My service is totally confidential. I work On-line as well as in person.


    DIPAC & Assoc

    Level 1 The Realm, 18 National Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600 Australia

    Unfortunately, life isn't always plain sailing. From relationship break-ups through to unhappy childhoods, unsatisfying work, unsupportive families or just the stresses and strains which come from a 21st Century lifestyle, there are all sorts of reasons why people can experience on-going emotional distress. It is not an admission of failure to admit that you may need help, it is a sign of strength. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So if you believe that you could benefit from any kind of counselling, therapy or mediation, you should not hesitate to contact DIPAC Counselling. Our Canberra therapists can explore a wide range of issues, empowering couples and individuals to find solutions and ways of thinking and acting which work for them. Often used alongside lifestyle changes, therapy can be a powerful way of improving mental well-being. Our name, DIPAC, stands for discipline, innovation, persistence, attitude and courage. DIPAC treats everyone equally, charging affordable prices with private billing available. So if you need to discuss the issues in your life or just want to talk to someone, we can help. Call today on: 02 6198 3423 or use our contact form and we will call you back.

    Practices in NSW

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    Marcia P. Jones

    36 Yarralumla Avenue, St Ives NSW 2075 Australia

    Located in St Ives Chase, Sydney NSW. Marcia Jones in an experienced, qualified and registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist who offers a warm and confidential space where you will be able to explore your problems and difficulties feeling comfortable and supported. Counselling is about working together towards the changes you want in your life.


    Samantha Gordon Counselling

    Penrith, Penrith NSW 2750 Australia

    Samantha Gordon Counselling is a cutting-edge, highly experienced and empathetic practice based in the Sydney region. Samantha is a qualified counsellor having completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) and a Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling. She has had extensive personal and professional experience in dealing with a range of mental health issues. In particular, Samantha’s training and professional work has focused on men, women, and families experiencing domestic violence. Another passion of Samantha’s is Intensive Sports Counselling. In a previous life she was a professional jockey and understands the unique set of challenges facing competitive sportspeople. She currently works with a number of high-profile athletes to assist them in identifying and attaining their goals, as well as reconciling the challenges they face. Samantha Gordon Counselling provides an holistic, personalised approach utilising evidence-based interventions to support the client. Samantha believes her counselling role is to “help people to help themselves”. She is warm, engaging and able to develop a rapport that supports the therapeutic process for her clients. Samantha Gordon Counselling values the client, ensures respectful engagement, integrity and confidentiality. Clients can be confident of receiving counselling underpinned by research, knowledge and experience in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


    St George Professionals Centre

    Suite 13, 145 Forest Road, Hurstville NSW 2220 Australia

    Located in Hurstville, Sydney NSW. St George Specialty Centre (SSC) is is a one stop medical centre where you can not only find medical specialists, but also a physiotherapist, psychologist, acupuncturist, dietician and even a lawyer. We are committed to providing the top level of professional specialist services to our clients.

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    Antonia Brown

    20/27 Siemons St, One Mile QLD 4305 Australia

    I am a mature aged counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association membership No: 3081. I have over 40 years of life experience in helping and caring for people. Person-centred online counselling. "You are the best judge of what you need."


    Carmen Traynor Counsellor

    -, Alderley QLD 4051 Australia

    Carmen is really good counsellor


    Karen Stitt & Associates

    PO Box 268, Everton Park QLD 4053 Australia

    Having worked in a range of sectors including government, corporate and community, Karen operates her private practice from Stafford Heights and specialises in providing professional counselling to individuals, couples and families. Karen uses many techniques including EFT and talk therapy. EFT (also known as tapping) has proven to be a fast and effective way in which to resolve emotional challenges. With the help of EFT you will find the need for short term therapy rather than extensive and expensive mental health plans. This means learning a technique that you can use between sessions which can expedite your own healing and mental wellbeing! Our Mission Karen Stitt & Associates strive to promote individuals’ health and wellbeing by supporting a healthy work and home life balance through education, empowerment and opportunities for continued growth.

    Practices in SA

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    Yehi Australia

    -, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159 Australia

    Practice Profile Description

    Practices in VIC

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    Amethyst Health Services

    IPC Health, 510 Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale VIC 3024 Australia

    Cameron Wilson Counselling & Life Coaching

    4 Forest Lane, Bendigo VIC 3550 Australia

    Cameron is a professional counsellor with many years’ experience working with clients experiencing a broad range of issues. This includes general counselling services as well as specialised services such as vulnerable adults and youth, and domestic violence and family concerns. Cameron is an Australian Counselling Association registered counsellor and works with individuals 14 years and over. Cameron is warm, empathic and deeply intuitive. Clients most commonly remark upon how relaxed and heard they feel from the first session. He takes the time to listen to his client’s story and understand what their world looks like from their perspective. Cameron is highly effective at quickly getting to the core of his client’s issues and creating space around them to identify strategies and new ways of thinking. He brings together tried and tested psychology, real-world experience, collaboration, and compassion. Cameron an integrative counsellor meaning he draws from multiple psychological approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Solution Focused Therapy. He is primarily a strengths-based counsellor and recognises that each client is completely unique. He also uses Schema Therapy which his clients find incredibly helpful in unlocking unhelpful patterns. Cameron is always striving for those “AHA” moments with his clients through his progressive and tailored approach.


    Di Goldsmith Counsellor

    -, Clifton Springs VIC 3222 Australia

    Practices in WA

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    All Round Wellness

    10 Peelwood Parade, Halls Head WA 6210 Australia

    We envision a mental health community in which therapists and clinicians are guided by their hearts as much as their minds, have the self-awareness and courage to do their own therapy when appropriate, avoid using the people they treat to meet their own needs or abuse their power, adhere to ethical principles, and treat all people with the dignity and respect they deserve. We envision a mental health community in which clinicians view all people as capable of change. Far too often, people are seen as deficient and lacking what it takes to be healthy and happy. We work to eliminate this destructive trend. We encourage therapists to give people the benefit of the doubt by holding to the wisdom that people are born lovable, loving, and vulnerable beings, and to understand that people are shaped by their experiences and circumstances. We envision a world in which all people have access to information and treatment that can help them improve their mental and emotional health and achieve harmony, thus promoting healthier families and communities.

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