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    Confidence Dental, Townsville

    69 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan QLD 4817 Australia

    Confidence Dental Townsville (part of National Dental Care) is a purpose-built oral health facility that features modern equipment, a relaxing environment, with comfortable surroundings and a friendly, professional team. Our friendly team of highly experienced dentists and hygienists work with you to improve your overall dental health, from clean and polish to teeth whitening and smile improvements, and we welcome all members of the family including children and the elderly. Founded in 2013, National Dental Care is an Australia-wide network of dental practices providing Australians with first-class dental care and services, underpinned by a strong culture of ongoing training and clinical improvement. Our dentists, therapists, and hygienists are highly qualified and experienced, our practices relaxed and professional, and our equipment and technology are state-of-the-art.

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