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Telehealth appointments are available for a range of health issues, but if you feel you need direct treatment for an injury or a physical examination you may need to book an in-person appointment.
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  • Toothache/Pain
  • Dr Harman Chahal is a female General Dentist who speaks Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu (as well as English). One of the best things about dentistry is the dental treatments and technology are always getting better, according to Dr Harman. "Dentistry is improving all the time. Better treatments and new technology are getting better day by day," Dr Harman explains. This greatly benefits patients with gentler options available to them. "If a patient is nervous or anxious, I try to understand why. Then I offer them different treatment options that are more suitable to them and less invasive." What sums up her approach as a dentist? "Caring. I am caring for all my patients but especially with children. I try to be as gentle as possible so my patients feel comfortable. What is one thing she wants people to know about dentistry? "Prevention is better than the cure. Regularly seeing a dentist and taking care of your teeth will mean the treatments are easier and more affordable. I prefer to prevent than cure for my patients." Dr Harman measures her day based on how her patients feel. "If patients are happy and satisfied, every day is a good day for me."
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